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Sales Managers

Supervisor, coach, trainer and mentor—you do it all—but are you effective?

The toughest job in the room

Upper management sets the goals for your department and expects you to deliver. You may have little or no voice in determining those goals, or little choice in accepting them. However challenging, or even unrealistic, those goals may be, they now belong to you and you must channel your salespeople’s efforts into productive activities that will ensure the achievement of those goals.

Get measurable results.

As a team leader, you’re accountable for your team’s sales and/or operational performance. When your sales organization achieves Sandler Certification, you’ll immediately feel a strong sense of confidence about your ability to grow, exponentially.

Your responsibility as a sales manager is to help your sales team be effective salespeople.

So, what can you do to improve your performance and be a better manager, mentor, and motivator?

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Create a Culture of Accountability for Your Team

Accountability The Sandler Way, written by author and Sandler trainer Hamish Knox, shares how sales managers can create an accountability-driven work culture for their teams and themselves… by investing just 20 minutes a week in the classic Sandler sales and management principles. 

From communication to time management, project controls to personnel management

You must supervise, coach, and mentor them while holding them accountable for uncovering new business, sustaining existing business, managing their territories, and completing paperwork on time. 


You must be able to recruit, hire, and train new salespeople who have the required experience, skills, and abilities to not just do the job, but to excel in the position.

Could you use a little help? No doubt. Sandler provides you with the processes, tools, and techniques to keep you and your people focused on high-value activities while you lead them to the highest levels of success.

Experience today's top-performing sales management programs in person or online.